Underfloor Heating Mats

underfloor heating mats

Carbon Heat are one of the U.K’s leading underfloor heating & flooring specialists. You can trust and rely on Carbon Heat to both supply and or install the perfect flooring solution.

Save 30% Browse our range of Underfloor Heating Mats – Perfect for primary heating. Choose between 150w and 200w kits. The 150w cable mat kit is best suited for internal rooms within your home or office. The 200W cable mat kit is best suited for conservatory floor use or any other area where high heat losses can occur.

Floor Insulation
We recommend the purchase of Insulation Tile Backer Boards to compliment your underfloor heating system, especially if you are planning on using the underfloor heating solution as a primary heat source. Insulated tile backer boards act as an instant heat barrier, reducing warm up time and running costs.

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